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Seven delay-zone audio installation for K-array

The Krifa office in Aarhus shows that a high-performing audio system and ambitious architectural plans can go hand in hand.

The Krifa office in Aarhus shows that a high-performing audio system – in this instance from K-array – and ambitious architectural plans can go hand in hand. The organisation, which is Denmark’s Christian Trade Union, moved to the country’s second largest city from the previous headquarters in Randers, where it was founded in 1899.

Krifa, which is both a trade union and an unemployment fund, has 800 employees and approximately 210,000 members. As the new headquarters is on the highest point overlooking Aarhus, the architect’s brief included a number of challenges even for the technical aspects that demanded the furniture and technology was pleasing to the eye and complemented the beautiful view.

In the building there is a large meeting area that is used for key events, live streaming, and the canteen. The brief demanded that the meeting room would blend into its flexible design and usage, not becoming too dominant as a square working environment. The design was created to express freedom and open minds. Jan Juul Hansen, from K-array distributor MAVT DK, managed the building’s audio set-up and knew exactly what speakers would suit the design.

The meeting space was divided into seven delay zones that covered the area with less than 3 dB deviation. For the aesthetics of the room, state-of-the-art flatscreen monitors were installed, accompanied by two KK200 speakers to create an incredibly clear sound in zone 1. Zone 2 included two KK102 line array elements and one KMT18P subs. The architecture of the delay system in zone 3 and 4 were completed with four KK50S subs stored in the ceiling as custom-made grilles that were made to look like the ventilation system. Delay zones 5 and 6 were installed with two KK102W line array elements for the left and right. Delay zone 7 included two KK52 line array elements hidden behind the door that are activated when the door opens and the two small meeting rooms merged into one. KA7 and KA-10 amplifiers linked the system together.

“I am very proud and happy with this set-up,” said Hansen. “In addition to this we also supplied all monitors and stage equipment, stage spot and signal distribution for live streaming and microphone equipment, creating an incredibly effective audio system thanks to K-array.”