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K-array audio solutions delivering for theme parks

K-array said to have solved various application-specific challenges with its latest package of solutions, which include its Python loudspeaker, Pinnacle system and Anakonda line-array loudspeakers

Italian manufacturer of professional audio technology, K-array, recently launched a range of audio solutions for the theme parks and visitor attraction market. Building on years of experience in problem-solving for theme park environments, K-array has identified various application-specific challenges that it aims to solve with its latest package of solutions, which include its Python loudspeaker, Pinnacle system and Anakonda line-array loudspeakers, the latter of which has sold more than 10 kilometres (10,000 metres) since its creation.

A series of installations in the Middle East, as well as successful projects in France, the USA and Asia have proven K-array products to be “ideally suited” to face the challenges of these environments thanks to the brand’s “dedication” to ensuring IP certification on many of its loudspeakers.

‘The Nutquaker’ at Warner Bros World, featuring K-array Kayman, Thunder and Anakonda

“Our solutions for theme parks represent the convergence of cutting-edge audio technology and acoustic precision,” said Andrea Torelli, global marketing director at K-array. “These solutions enable immersive experiences and ensure that every sound, from the gentle rustle of leaves to the thunderous roar of a rollercoaster, resonates with clarity, depth and spatial accuracy. We see our theme park audio solutions as conductors; orchestrating a sensory journey where acoustics become an integral part of the magic.”

In collaboration with regional distributor Procom Middle East, metre-long Python loudspeakers and Thunder subwoofers were chosen to withstand the high-humidity environment of YAS Waterworld in Abu Dhabi. The system is driven by Kommander amplifiers, ensuring clear and distortion-free audio across a large area from a system that can handle the challenges of a waterpark environment, thanks to IP64 certification.

A further consideration for theme park installations is the maintenance of aesthetics. Visitors expect to be transported to a magical place, and the ideal audio system cannot take away from this magic with a bulky appearance or excessive cabling.

At Butlins Waterpark in the UK, a K-array solution consisting of Kobra line arrays and Thunder subwoofers was chosen for its ability to blend into the colourful design of the Splash Pool area whilst providing high-quality audio suitable for both everyday background music and DJ performances during Butlins’ Weekender events.

Theme parks and visitor attractions often present the challenge of achieving consistent, intelligible audio coverage across large, open spaces. X-Park is the largest multi-faceted facility in the UAE, offering the perfect blend of urban sports, skateboarding, parkour and wall climbing. The space required a sound system capable of consistent performance across a number of different areas. Here, K-array’s portable Pinnacle solution was chosen, a lightweight powered stereo system consisting of four Python loudspeakers and two Thunder subwoofers to ensure even coverage throughout the park.

“We are dedicated to continuing to provide unique audio solutions that solve common problems,” concluded Torelli. “Our theme park solutions unify the dual requirements of aesthetics and durability and are rooted in years of real-world problem-solving. With this experience behind us, we’re now ready to launch these solutions directly to the theme park and visitor attraction market.”