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K-array elevates dining experience at Meduza Mediterrania

Key components at the New York restaurant include 20 x Kayman-KY52; 22 x Rumble-KU212; 18 x Tornado-KT2C; and 2 x Kommander-KA208

New York’s Meduza Mediterrania restaurant, the latest addition to the prestigious hospitality and lifestyle company Nobel 33, has recently completed a state-of-the-art audio installation featuring a complete sound system by K-array, designed and installed by DRVCS AV. The restaurant’s commitment to providing an exceptional dining experience is now enhanced by the cutting-edge technology provided by K-array.

The installation includes a comprehensive selection of K-array audio equipment, specifically designed to optimise sound quality and ambiance within the restaurant.

DRVCS AV played a pivotal role in ensuring that K-array speakers were seamlessly incorporated into the exquisite architectural designs of Monochrome Concept, helping to transform Meduza Mediterrania into a premier destination where exceptional cuisine and state-of-the-art audio technology come together to provide guests with an “extraordinary” dining environment.

“We hold the belief that both sound and thoughtful designs are integral elements in composing the overall dining ambiance,” said Davel Rodriguez, president of DRVCS AV. ” The selection of K-array as our audio partner not only aligns with but also amplifies our commitment to providing our customers with a design that allows their clients to experience an extraordinary, immersive dining environment. This is achieved through the synergy of acoustical precision and carefully curated design aesthetics, which collectively shape the remarkable atmospheres for which Noble33 is renowned.”

Key components of the installation at Meduza Mediterrania include:

20 x Kayman-KY52

22 x Rumble-KU212

18 x Tornado-KT2C

2 x Kommander-KA208