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ISE 2014: Screen Innovations presents Slate and Black Diamond Tiles

Screen Innovations presenting its latest cost-effective projection screen material at ISE alongside a new approach to the design and installation of one of its longstanding products.

ISE 2014 exhibitor Screen Innovations is debuting its latest projection screen material, Slate, alongside its new Black Diamond Tiles at the RAI.

The two-years-in-development Slate is based on the company’s more established Black Diamond screen but comes at a significantly lower price point. The material rejects 65% of ambient light – compared with the 10-20% rejected by a typical white or grey screen.

“Slate replaces the need to settle for a substandard screen in a family room setting,” said the company’s president, Ryan Gustafson. “We are very excited to give all people the best screen technology regardless of your home theatre budget.”

Black Diamond Tiles have the properties of the Black Diamond screen material, but are delivered in tile format, giving them a versatility that means that screens of any size or shape can be created and making them “a complete game-changer in large scale projection display,” according to the company. Claimed to deliver up to 900% more contrast, Black Diamond Tiles are completely customisable as well as scalable. Neodymium magnets affix the tiles to a custom rigid frame, and each panel can be arranged in either landscape or portrait orientation.

Stand: 1-N53