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PPDS adds three new PMS hospitality partners

Nonius, Nevotek and Imagine Soft added to partner roster

PPDS has announced three new partnerships with leading hospitality industry property management system (PMS) integrators – Nonius, Nevotek and Imagine Soft – opening up over one hundred additional PMS possibilities to a growing list of approximately 200.

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Part of PPDS’ new ‘total solutions’ strategy to bring “unrivalled and unrestricted” choice to the hospitality market, these new collaborations add “extensive experience-enhancing control, management, communication and entertainment capabilities” to Philips MediaSuite TVs, running on a bespoke interface that conforms to the customer’s exact needs, requirements and ambitions.

The new partnerships with Nonius (120+ million users worldwide and in 330,000 hotel rooms), Nevotek (more than 3,000 hotels worldwide) and Imagine Soft (3,500 hotels worldwide and in 500,000 hotel rooms), allows hoteliers to drive new revenue streams.

“The hotel TV no longer has to be just a screen in the room, with a single purpose,” said Jeroen Verhaeghe, international business manager professional TV at PPDS. “Like a phone, or a PC, TVs at home and in hotels have evolved beyond their original function, becoming an invaluable communication tool and a vital source for both entertainment and information.

“Coupled with the capabilities and continued innovation of MediaSuite, and working with leading PMS integrators, we’re opening the doors for hoteliers to manage the experience they want for their guests – from the moment they walk into a room to the moment they check out.”

Each of the partners’ platforms link “seamlessly and securely” with the TVs’ existing OS, allowing guests to benefit from PPDS’ existing features and functionalities. These include the recently launched embedded Netflix solution – allowing guests to securely access their own Netflix account directly on the hotel TV – and the Chromecast built-in functionality, allowing guests to seamlessly stream content (including apps) on the display directly from their personal device with just the touch of a button.

The platforms also allow hoteliers to offer tailored TV portals (TV channels, movies, sports), and integrate other third-party solutions of their choosing, such as Apple TV, Sky, BT, VoD, as well as other live content feeds, such as news and weather, local attractions and transport information.

“Every hotel proprietor, whether running a small property with a handful of rooms, or one with several thousand rooms across multiple locations around the world, will have their own views and preferences on how best to service their guests and how to provide the best possible experience during their stay,” added Verhaeghe. “At PPDS, we don’t believe in a one size fits all or dictating and restricting choices for our partners. With these partnerships, our TVs are helping hoteliers to act upon and achieve their ambitions to best serve their customers.”