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Pure AV extends Lumens PTZ camera usage at University of Liverpool

Pure AV has fitted Lumens PTZ cameras in teaching rooms throughout the University of Liverpool to support lecture capture, room linking and videoconferencing.

Pure AV introduced the first Lumens PTZ camera to the University in 2010 and now there are over 100 cameras installed across the University estate. This is in response to the growing demand for courses, the expectation of digitised course content and campus sites in London, Liverpool and China.

Deployed in all of the large teaching spaces at the University, a mix of VCG-30 and VCG-50 cameras are a core part of the teaching room setup wherever there is a lecture capture or room linking requirement.

Gary Swift, AV team leader at The University of Liverpool explained: “The popularity of the courses at the University has resulted in an increase in class sizes and greater use of room linking. As an AV team it is essential that we maintain the quality of the student experience across the teaching environment. A reliable camera able to transmit high quality images between rooms is an important part of that service delivery.”

There have also been developments made to the University’s lecture capture capabilities as students expect to have online digital content available to support the revision process.

“The ability to connect the camera through USB without the need for additional complicated drivers and the quality of the optical zoom gives us the flexibility to use the cameras not just for room linking and desktop videoconferencing but also for lecture capture,” said Swift.

The reliability of the cameras is also an important factor. Swift explained: “In the six years that the University has been using the cameras there has not been a single failure and even now with an install base of over 100 units we have not experienced any product issues.”

The camera covers a wide shooting angle and uses high efficiency DC motors servo-controlled to deliver high-speed, quiet positioning. From an AV and facilities management perspective once the unit is installed it requires very little attention.

Dan Saville, project manager at Pure AV commented: “The VCG-50 is a great choice for universities, if someone tweaks or moves the camera position, it will automatically move itself back to the correct position, and as Lumens use DC servo motors there is no gear box to break helping to make the unit robust and resistant to damage.”

Swift added: “I would like the camera to be networkable; with network output we could link it to our room monitoring system. We use Extron Global Viewer Enterprise system, the ability to use the Lumens cameras to look into the room would be very beneficial as part of our AV room monitoring.”

The other use of the Lumens PTZ cameras at the University is in support of desktop videoconferencing. The Lumens cameras are used in conjunction with StarLeaf desktop videoconferencing when a superior video image is required. Most often this is in support of internal communication between the different campus sites and to carry out online Viva examinations.

Swift concluded: “When you have a product that is reliable and delivers what you expect then it is natural that the usage will grow. In the six years since Pure AV introduced the Lumens PTZ cameras to the University we have gradually increased the applications where the cameras are used, and as the use of video and digital content persists I fully expect that to continue.”

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