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Prolight + Sound 2014: Optocore in DiGiCo and Clear-Com link-up

Networking specialist Optocore used Prolight + Sound to demonstrate its audio and video networking technology across the showfloor. The networking specialist connected its stand with those of its technical partner companies Clear-Com and DiGiCo, via single-mode fibre –providing video, audio, intercom and data connectivity between the stands. “I believe this is the first time that anything on such a scale has been implemented,” said Optocore managing director Marc Brunke.

“Users can now simply add an Optocore 16-channel X6R-FX interface to the DiGiCo network to provide additional I/O connectivity together with Ethernet and RS485/422,” he added. “They can also use Optocore cost-efficient DD2FR-FX and DD4MR-FX MADI interfaces to increase the number of MADI ports available on the console.”

Although Optocore partners with multiple console manufacturers, DiGiCo can run the 2.21 Optocore protocol natively, rather than using emulation.

DiGiCo MD James Gordon commented: “We believed that the best way to demonstrate just how easy the system is to use is via live demonstrations, and we have done this by connecting the DiGiCo booth to the Optocore and Clear-Com booths via an Optocore loop for audio, with a BroaMan Route66 core router for the video.” Pictured is DiGiCo marketing director David Webster addressing the DiGiCo press conference from the Optocore stand.

Video transmission was by means of a combination of the Route66 core router, from sister company BroaMan, at the Optocore booth, and BroaMan Mux22 satellites at Optocore, DiGiCo and Clear-Com. A duplex fibre between each of the stands carried multi-channel video, intercom, audio and data. Each video or audio source could be routed to any output within the network.

Mux22 can combine the protocol-independent transfer of up to 80 3G/HD/SDI video signals with the synchronous Optocore audio and data network via two optical fibres in just 1RU. Optocore director Tine Helmle commented: “We are very delighted to have the implementation complete, as I know we have many clients waiting for it worldwide.”