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Powersoft, EAW – the life and Seoul of South Korea

South Korea has been a hotbed of activity for Powersoft and EAW of late after the two companies’ kit was deployed in three separate installation projects. A mixture of the Italian company’s K and M Series amplifiers were delivered by distributor DasanSR to power EAW loudspeaker set ups, which included a selection EAW’s KF series.

Firstly, Chungiu Central Full Gospel Church, which has a congregation of 3,000 members, required a need system for a new chapel build.

In the new chapel, installation company Loggins turned to Powesoft’s K series to drive a powerful EAW KF740 comprising 16 line array elements in the main worship hall. The system comprises, five K10 DSP+AESOP, which were assigned to the low frequency, while a further three K10’s power the midrange and three K3 DSP+AESOP run the HF. Two additional K10 DSP+AESOP devices are assigned to the separate SB1001 subwoofers. The system is fully integrated enabling state-of-the-art sound shaping and system management and is remotely controllable via the company’s proprietary Armonía Pro Audio Suite.

In the main hall, the integrator installed six EAW front fills, driven by Powersoft M28Q HDSP+ETH 4-channel power amps (with DSP and Ethernet) and seven under-balcony speakers, powered by Powersoft M50Q HDSP+ETH. Five further M30D HDSP+ETH are assigned to the ten EAW stage monitors which also constitute part of the package.

Elsewhere, in the middle worship hall, the main system comprises 14 elements of the smaller EAW KF720 line array, divided into two hangs. A pair of K2 AESOP+DSP has been assigned to the HF section while two K3 DSP+AESOP are dedicated to the LF; powering the four separate EAW subwoofers are a K10 AESOP+DSP. Once again the infill speakers have been assigned to Powersoft’s four-channel M50Q HDSP+ETH, including front fill speakers and Choir/Under Balconies. Finally Powersoft M30D and M50Q amplifiers are assigned respectively to the different monitor speakers.

Club Muuto at the Ramada Seoul Hotel was the location of the second installation. The venue is situated in Korea’s leading multi-cultural district. Its technical infrastructure was designed and installed by DasanSR.

DasanSR equipped the main stage with four EAW CLUB.two speakers, powered by a pair each of Powersoft K2 and K10 while four EAW SUB.two are powered by four K10. For the eight EAW CLUB.five delay speakers and two CLUB.four back stage speakers DasanSR have detailed K2 amplifiers, while the MF and LF sections of the CLUB.three DJ monitor are run respectively by a Powersoft K2 and K10.

Third the list of installs was Seogwipo Art Center. The venue opened in June 2014 and contains a large, 802-seat auditorium and a smaller 190-seat venue, as well as a separate art gallery and an outdoor venue.

Holy Land Technology of Incheon equipped the main venue with 16 elements of EAW KF30P loudspeakers; the HF and LF sections being powered respectively by three of Powersoft’s flagship K3 and three K10 amplifiers.

The two main centre speakers (EAW JF29) are run by a pair of Powersoft K2, the four main low speakers (SB730P) are powered by two K3, while further K3s are assigned to the four EAW SB1000zP subwoofers.

Surround speakers are handled by three Powersoft M28Q four channel amplifiers while front fill and under-balcony speakers are assigned to a Powersoft M14D. Finally, a pair of EAW monitor wedges are driven by a Powersoft K3.

In the smaller venue, four EAW JF26’s serve as the main L/R system, powered by four Powersoft K2, while a pair of JF10’s form the centre image, driven by a further pair of K2; a K3 powers the pair of EAW SB625zP subs and wedge monitors.