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Powersoft signs commercial agreement with CinemaNext

Cinema owners in 60 countries can now benefit from the energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and "world-class audio" quality offered by Powersoft’s portfolio of amplifiers

Reportedly heralding further growth in the global cinema market, Powersoft has announced the signing of a commercial agreement with leading cinema exhibition services provider CinemaNext.

The largest company of its kind in the EMEA region, CinemaNext provides smart, comprehensive solutions across the board, from projection equipment to audio systems, central systems, cinema outfitting, content management, 3D projection systems and glasses, TMS, digital signage, screens, seating and consulting services.

The new partnership will enable Powersoft to better answer cinema customers’ needs and explore new audio product opportunities, increasing its presence and visibility in target markets and new areas. In turn, by leveraging the distinctive technical features of Powersoft’s products, CinemaNext will enhance the audio solutions offered to its end cinema customers with improved audio quality and product stability, as well as saving customers operational costs.

The agreement includes a long-term supply in 60 territories in EMEA, with Powersoft providing direct access to its portfolio of amplifiers, including the Duecanali and Quattrocanali series, Mezzo series and new cloud-based Unica amplifier platform.

Powersoft’s amplifier platforms are said to offer a host of advantages, particularly when it comes to cinema installations. Notably, the company has seamlessly integrated Power Factor Correction (PFC) technology into its switched-mode power supply, setting a new standard in environmental sustainability without compromising audio quality. The adoption of PFC technology results in substantial energy savings and a significantly reduced carbon footprint, with equivalent CO2 emissions lowered by approximately 40% when compared to amplifiers lacking power factor correction but delivering the same output power.

PFC technology additionally minimises heating generation due to cable losses, thanks to lower RMS currents drawn from the mains. In the world of cinema, where audio quality is paramount, Powersoft’s commitment to energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact goes hand in hand with ensuring an immersive and top-notch cinematic experience.

“As a particularly dynamic and evolving industry, the cinema market is constantly looking for new technologies to reduce operational costs, improve customer experience and provide the best in audio and video technology, remarked Powersoft’s global key account manager, Francesco Cionini. “For this reason, a number of cinema brands already trust Powersoft to provide high audio quality, reliability and sustainability for their venues.

“We are very excited about this new partnership with CinemaNext, which will allow more cinema owners to benefit from our innovative audio solutions.”

CinemaNext CEO Georges Garic added: “Powersoft has a proven track record built over decades in the live entertainment and fixed-install market. Offering a wide range of power and configuration possibilities at well-positioned commercial conditions and in a small form factor, with easy integration in existing and new installations alike, their line of amplifiers is perfectly suited to the cinema environment of today, where large numbers of speakers and amplifier channels are required to deliver a compellingly immersive cinematic experience.

“Adding the Powersoft range of amplifiers to the CinemaNext portfolio is a logical step in our continuous quest to offer cinema exhibitors the widest choice of technology available on the market.”