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Panasonic opens new demo centre for displays

Panasonic has announced the opening of its new Professional Displays Experience Centre at Pinewood Studios in the UK to showcase its latest solutions and applications.

Panasonic has announced the opening of its new Professional Displays Experience Centre at Pinewood Studios in the UK. Built alongside the existing Broadcast Centre, the purpose-built facility will showcase Panasonic’s latest display solutions and applications such as 3D, signage, studio and gesture interaction.

Located in the heart of the famous Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire, the centre has been created as a hands-on laboratory for seeing the technology in action. The company says that interest has been noted from across the board, with designers and architects keen to get involved, as well as large corporations looking for new technologies to make their office building stand out. The digital signage area will also, believes Panasonic, be a draw for DooH professionals, broadcast and advertising agencies.

Panasonic has collaborated with hardware and software partners including U-touch, Spinetix, Technoframe and RadVision, as well as Hego and Grand Visual to ensure visitors are able to experience the broadest range of solutions. The Experience Centre contains a range of different zones, including home cinema, professional 3D, broadcast, retail, presentation and conference and some new medical applications.

“We are thrilled about the launch of the Professional Displays Experience Centre as it provides us with the opportunity to demonstrate how our newest and most innovative solutions work,” said David Martin, European marketing general manager (pictured). “It’s designed to be organic, with solutions changing all the time to keep it fresh for visitors. In the ‘B2B zone’ for example there will be a 3D 103″ screen where we will experiment with new applications in 3D design and simulation to hopefully bring new solutions to vertical markets.”

Commenting on the opening of the Centre, Masaki Arizono, head of Panasonic Audio Visual Company System Europe (PAVCSE) said: “The Broadcast Experience Centre has been a key resource for broadcasters, filmmakers and producers to get their hands-on experience with Panasonic product. With the addition of the display side, we now have a complete solution centre that our customers, partners and prospects can visit and see our truly end-to-end solution.”