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Panasonic launches interactive whiteboard displays

To follow up the launch of the EF1 series networked digital signage displays, Panasonic has introduced the BF1 interactive Panaboard series, designed for use in education and business.

Available from July, the BF1 series is a range of PC-less whiteboards with an interface that allows users to make notes on any media format. Available in 80, 65, and 50in digital Panaboard displays, it has 12-point touch control and a floating menu bar, which makes it easy to switch inputs, draw, and zoom in and out with a single touch. It is also equipped with an anti-glare screen for clear visibility in all conditions, and a number of wired connections including Digital Link.

Panasonic European marketing manager Enrique Robledo, said: “The BF1 series is enhanced by Intel Pro Widi technology, which allows users to transmit a variety of media formats to the screen instantly. On board applications enable simultaneous display of video, stills and documents from multiple devices in split-screen multi-mode.

“With colour blindness effecting up to 1 in 10 people in parts of the world, the inclusion of Colour Universal Design, a selectable display mode that makes colours clearly distinguishable for everyone, gives the BF1 series a genuine advantage in the classroom and workplace.”

Panasonic multi-touch LCD displays have been used to enhance teaching at Queen’s University Belfast, where 18 Panasonic whiteboard displays have been installed in the dissection room in the Medical Biology Centre.

Stuart Ogg, from Media Services at the University, said: “The lab has proven to be a truly interactive space. Staff tell us that their teaching has completely transformed and students are actively engaging with the technology.”

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