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New door entry loops offer access to visitors with hearing loss

Assistive listening specialists Contacta Systems have launched new door entry hearing loops offering clear communication at secure entrances for those with hearing loss.

The IL-EL42 PB and PF offer clarity of sound for wearers of hearing aids and other assistive listening devices.  The units come in a surface-mounted or flush option and accept input signals from a wide range of sound sources including line out signals, low voltage loudspeaker outputs, VOIP (voice over internet protocol), intercoms and PA systems.

The loops can also be installed at help and information points, self-service kiosks, ticket machines and emergency refuge points, enhancing both accessibility and safety.

The IL-EL42 also feature automatic gain control and low power consumption. With an all-new design and powerful antenna, they offer stronger coverage and a sleeker appearance than their predecessor.  The units have been fitted with a built-in driver in the cabinet, hosted in a newly designed weather-resistant plastic casing with flexible installation directions. Both units are currently being tested to comply with IP-55 standard.

“These loops were developed in response to demand from our customer base,” said head of business development for Contacta, Ran Meyrav. “Communication with potential customers or visitors should never be compromised, neither should their safety, and that can be avoided with such an easy to install system.”

These are the latest products to be added to the Kent-based company’s range; Contacta introduced infrared and radio frequency assistive listening systems in February of this year. Contacta RF systems have amplified volume levels, offering clarity of sound for all users not just those with hearing devices.  The RF systems have a transmission range of up to 300sqm and can utilise 40 channels simultaneously, allowing for multiple language presentations to groups of up to 42 people.

The IR systems have a range of up to 900sqm and amplify desired sound while maintaining confidentiality in conference rooms, police stations or court rooms.