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NanoLumens cylindrical tech provides video content at research centre

Communications and IT services company, CenturyLink, has a new Technology Centre of Excellence with NanoLumens NanoWrap visualisation solutions providing video content.

The 37,000sqft of View Dynamic Glass in the lobby makes it the single largest installation of electrochromic glass in the US. View Dynamic Glass utilises nanotechnology and pre-programmed intelligence to tint automatically in response to outside conditions and user preferences. The brightness of NanoLumens’ technology, which can be adjusted as the ambient light levels change throughout the day, means that the video on the solutions will remain visible at any time.

“The NanoLumens displays create a stunning effect in the lobby, and it’s fair to say that this sets the lobby apart from any other atrium like it,” said Ben Cating, senior consultant-VP of Idibri, the Addison, Texas-based consulting firm hired by CenturyLink. “It’s more than just a video installation, it’s a visual achievement.”

Three columns in the building’s three-storey atrium are wrapped with NanoLumens’ 5mm NanoWrap displays in a 42in-diameter circular panel that covers 12ft of vertical surface on each column. They provide a continuous stream of full-motion video that’s visible throughout the lobby and from any angle. Each display can show different video content or all three columns can play synchronously, with content fed over IPTV via fibre from a cloud-based Cisco-AppSpace content delivery system.

The NanoWraps are attached to the columns by a circular mounting system, incorporating a custom metal frame around the column in which the panels are attached. This system was installed by AV systems integrator American AVL, based in Ruston, LA.

“CenturyLink wanted to make this lobby a unique technological experience for visitors and guests,” said Cating. “We looked at a lot of possibilities, and video would keep the columns as an integral part of the aesthetic design. But attaching conventional flat displays to them would have ruined the flow they create visually. Only the flexibility of the NanoWraps, which we could literally wrap around the columns, offered us the solution that we needed. NanoWraps were the only way we could address this particular form factor. The result is striking to look at.”

“The space and energy efficient NanoWrap solution offers quiet, low energy consuming cylindrical visualisation wherever a customer would like to place it,” added NanoLumens executive VP of business development, Karen Robinson. “Whether that’s hanging overhead, in a fixed position on its own, or around the columns of a building, NanoWrap solutions are made to equip customers like CenturyLink with the perfect visualisation solution that’s just right for them.”

Pictures courtesy of Idibri Consulting

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