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Making Dante open

The DBT-44 Dante I/O Interface is being demoed here in Amsterdam by Beglec. The company is a fan of Dante, yet it believes manufacturers need to make the interfaces to the protocol open, rather than embed it into proprietary products.

Kevin Van der Taelen, export manager at Beglec, said: “Dante is a relatively new concept, sending AoIP instead of classic cables. Our idea is to open it up for normal installations, so you can have an existing audio installation and pop this on top – you don’t have to throw away old kit.

“We’ve had a very good response so far here at the show, because we’re quite unique with this, as other brands try to get people to buy their own products with Dante, whereas we’re opening the interface to make it more accessible,” concluded Taelen.

The DBT-44 includes four balanced combo-inputs; Line and Mic (-24dB PAD and 48V Phantom); four balanced male XLR-outputs; two RJ45 Gigabit ethernet I/O ports with internal switch; and on power, 100-240VAC PowerCON, PoE.

It has audio DSP with webpage control for extra functionality; compressors, limiters, parametric EQ, and 8 x 8 matrix.