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Major Polish church equipped with K-array speakers

K-array Python speakers have been installed in the second largest church in Poland.

Built in the 1990s, Corpus Christi Church has marble floors, large balconies and 2,000sqm footprint that present a considerable challenge in terms of sound reinforcement. The reverberation time makes it difficult to understand someone speaking even from a short distance away.

After many years of testing 100V audio systems, the pastor decided to contact Mega Music, a company that deals with professional audio, to install a quality sound system capable of making the most of the Word of God.

In addition to addressing the acoustic problems, the designers had to also evaluate the aesthetics of the installation: the church’s interior is totally white, which would have boldly offset traditional black speakers. Mega Music, K-array’s partner in Poland, immediately chose to use the white version of the Python speaker.

Following design projects and careful evaluation with simulation software, it was decided to install two arrays comprising six KP52 Python on each side, set at about 10m above the floor, and dedicated to the central altar. Three KP52W were used as side fill, deemed to be essential because of the very broad shape of the church. Mega Music also installed 11 KP52W horizontally under the balcony, in Flood mode, with a delay to integrate their sound emission to the main system.

Dariusz Adamowicz, president of Mega Music, said: “We decided to use the same speakers throughout the church to maintain uniformity and sound. Thanks to the Flood/Spot switch, we could very easily mount the speakers under the balcony in a horizontal position, thus obtaining good space coverage . Moreover, the compactness of K-array systems has allowed us to obtain an almost invisible installation without compromising quality. Finally, we have already prepared some guidelines for monitoring the balcony where the organ resides. The speakers will be retrofitted since the balcony was recently added to the plan and is still under construction. “

The Pythons alone have proved to be perfect for everyday needs but sometimes the Church of Corpus Christi is also used for concerts or spiritual events. On these occasions, four KMT21P subwoofers can be integrated in the system, to give a greater sound depth.

“The result?” said Adamowicz. “Better than we could have hoped. We have reached 60% sound intelligibility at 100dB SPL throughout the congregation area. A great step forward compared to previous systems, and finally the church is equipped with an audio system worthy of its function. “