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Large format displays: eight options to upgrade picture quality

A variety of businesses are set to benefit from developments in display technology, with manufacturers increasing pixel density and offering improved reliability.

Sony provides advanced colour reproduction

The FW-85XD8501 BRAVIA Professional 4K Display utilises Triluminos technology to deliver picture quality and strong colour reproduction.

The FW-85XD8501 can display images in 4K resolution from any source and also upscale full HD input signals to 4K. With a number of technologies built in, the display is said to combine the ease of use and user experience of a consumer screen with the capability of a professional display. For instance, Mirroring Google Cast allows users to cast any content from computers or mobiles to the display, and the BRAVIA Smart Automation System allows it to automatically detect inputs without the need for external control devices.

There are flexible connectivity and display options as well as advanced features including content sharing, videoconferencing, built-in digital signage and IP control, making the FW-85XD8501 highly suitable for a broad range of B2B applications.

The display is also HDR compatible, has 17-hour operation time and includes landscape and portrait options, which allow the display to be integrated into a range of environments.

SiliconCore delivers pixel pitch advances

The Camellia 0.95mm LED display is SiliconCore’s smallest pixel pitch display and measures 165in diagonal for a 4K display. It features the company’s patented Common Cathode technology and is suited to close-proximity uses with minimum viewing distance less than 1m.

Common Cathode technology reduces the power consumption of displays by a reported 40%, which generates less heat as well as extending the lifespan to over 100,000 hours for what is claimed to be a leading cost of ownership. As a result of the lower heat dissipation, no additional cooling infrastructure is required, which limits noise and allows the display to be placed in tight spaces.

SiliconCore’s LED driver chip features a high-speed pixel clock, ensuring the display has the bandwidth to reach 4K while maintaining brightness, colour depth and uniformity.

The pixel pitch developments and LED driver chips make this LED display suited to applications where colour reproduction and low power consumption are important such as corporate lobbies, presentation suites, auditoriums and control rooms.

Toshiba targets commercial use with install flexibility

The recently launched TD-U852 is part of the TD-U Series, which is Toshiba’s first dedicated business display series with UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution. Designed for 24/7 operation, the TD-U852 is particularly suited to retail environments where content is streamed almost continuously, as well as boardroom and education applications.

The 178° viewing angle creates an impact from a wide range of positions, which offers businesses greater installation flexibility. Additionally, a resistant 2mm Corning Gorilla Glass finish provides protection against scratches and cracks when in regular use.

There is a range of input and output connections, including RS-232/LAN control, giving users the ability to manage the display remotely. Content administrators can display up to four different full HD content feeds simultaneously in split screen mode using the multiple inputs.

Both landscape and portrait orientations are supported and the TD-U852 can be adapted to a range of space and content requirements, helped further by its matt black finish.

NanoLumens combines clarity and durability

The Outdoor Gallery Series is a curved LED solution that can be built in any size, shape or curvature in pixel pitches ranging from 4mm to 9mm.

This line differs from other outdoor LED solutions in that the pixel pitch is less than 10mm, making it suitable for closer viewing. As an outdoor range, the series can withstand weather and environmental conditions. The models can also be adapted to different clients’ needs in terms of wind speed, temperature and other factors.

Additionally, all NanoLumens displays accept input from almost any device or content management system, which eliminates added costs for software, hardware or personnel to display particular content.

The Outdoor Gallery Series is suitable for sport and transport uses, offering improved flexibility for short viewing digital signage applications where the display is exposed to a wide range of conditions.

Barco prioritises reliability with business solution

Optimised for critical business environments, Barco’s LDX-8482 is an 84in UHD display for professional applications where reliability is essential. This includes control rooms and boardrooms as well as high-end meeting rooms and retail.

In addition to having the resolution of four full HD displays, the LDX-8482 offers picture-in-picture support to allow users to show more high quality information. To further enhance the functionality, the integrated OPS slot can be utilised to include additional sources.

Designed specifically for professional environments the display is made from the most durable components available.

Sharp expands colour gamut

Sharp claims its PN-H801 80in 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) display is the first professional display to feature an extended colour gamut, which offers a wider colour range than comparable solutions.

Applications where this improved colour reproduction is best applied include high-end retail promotions as well as in-store customer experiences. The PN-H801 is designed to drive sales in these environments combining extended colour range with Sharp’s UV2A high contrast LCD technology to display accurate datasets and images.

The PN-H801 addresses the need from retailers for in-store signage to deliver more pixels and better colour reproduction beyond 120% of sRGB. This allows the solution to accurately reproduce high quality adverts and visuals. In addition to retail, the display also excels in offices, conferences and indoor public settings.

NEC offers image adjustability

The MultiSync X981UHD is a 98in 4K UHD display, and the largest of eight solutions in the MultiSync range. The X981UHD is designed for heavy-duty 24/7 business and commercial uses such as control rooms, digital signage, medical review, and conferencing.

In order to meet a variety of business objectives, the display includes the SpectraView Engine, which provides colour management for image accuracy and consistency, as well as several modes for multi-source display operation allowing four sources to be displayed side-by-side.

Image parameters such as resolution and orientation can be adjusted to the customer’s requirements and the display supports up to eight digital inputs including DisplayPort, four HDMI, two DVI-D and OPS.

Samsung balances upscaling and multi-screen support

The QM105D is a 105in UHD (5120 x 2160) resolution display that offers reliable 16/7 operation for commercial digital signage applications.

The large format display allows businesses to convey impactful messaging and information in immersive detail utilising the 5K UHD Glare panels and high pixel density. In addition, Samsung’s upscaling technology enables lower resolution content to be displayed in UHD and pivot mode provides the option of both landscape and portrait orientation.

DisplayPort 1.2 connectivity makes it possible to stream UHD video at a refresh rate of 60Hz for seamless playback. In total, the display includes three DisplayPorts, three HDMI ports, a DVI port and one D-sub port for added.

Picture-in-picture and split-screen capability enable more efficient display usage, including displaying a videoconference on part of the screen along with reference documents from a different device on another part of the screen. The size of the QM105D means more content can be displayed using fewer units, and multi-screen support allows four separate input devices to be shown on the same screen without needing to merge the content on a PC beforehand.