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K-array provides max dispersion in advanced stadium install

The Vodafone Arena in Istanbul has undergone a sound system upgrade with an advanced sound solution from sound designers Stage Craft and distributors Lotus Technologies, featuring 15 KH5 loudspeakers and six KS5 subwoofers from K-array’s Concert Series suspended from both sides of the scoreboard.

The new stadium is home to Turkish Super League football team Beşiktaş and has a capacity of 43,000 as well as environmentally friendly features, such as the use of solar energy and rainwater storage for watering the pitch, which is the first in Turkey made of hybrid grass.

The stadium will also host concerts and live shows, an interactive museum and the biggest and the biggest sportswear store in Turkey.

“This stadium is very important for the team and Turkish football, to take Beşiktaş forward both financially and spiritually,” said Metin Albayrak, Beşiktaş board member.

Equipped with Slim Array Technology, the KH5 generates a significant amount of sound pressure in the low and low-mid range resulting in a better impulse response and maximum clarity and definition. The digital steering feature directs the sound and can provide continuous, even coverage, flying the system completely straight. Results are maximised with the ability to precisely and independently control each element of KH5 line array, eliminating noise pollution.

The installation came just in time for Beşiktaş to finish the 2015-2016 season as champions of Turkey for the 14th time in their history.

Lotus Technologies CEO, Oktay Karaşoğlu commented: “The installation was a first time for everyone. Towering from two sides and distributing the sound from a single location to the entire stadium, the plan was a huge success! We are all very happy to have shared and accomplished this project with K-array and sincerely send our love and thanks to everyone involved.”

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