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InfoComm 2018: Audio-Technica upgrades entire network mic range

Audio-Technica has upgraded its entire line of network microphones and devices, offering new AES67-compatible “a”-designated versions of all its previous models.

These updated models include the ATND971a boundary microphone, ATND8677a microphone desk stand, ATND8734a power module, ATND931a gooseneck microphone and ATND933a hanging ceiling-mount microphone.

These new network microphones and devices are designed for audio-over-IP interoperability, connecting directly to any AES67-compliant network, including those that utilise Livewire, RAVENNA and Q-LAN AoIP technologies. 

Otherwise, these microphones and devices function as before, providing the same talk/mute, gain, low-cut filter and LED controls as their predecessors, and retaining their ability to transmit control data over Dante networks. 

In addition, the latest firmware increases the Dante Domain Manager features, adding role-based security, cross-subnet routing, SNMP alerts and more. With increased connectivity for audio streams and expanded Dante features, these new network microphones and devices give users plug-and-play access to nearly any AoIP system.