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Flat panel display or projector? Four things to consider to help you decide

Panasonic offers its advice to businesses who can't decide between a flat panel display or a projector

1. Size matters: A FPD can now reach 100 inches and in recent years, prices have declined significantly making them an attractive choice and common feature in boardrooms and meeting rooms alike. However, if your requirements stretch beyond 100 inches, then a projector will likely be the most cost-effective option.


2. Environment: Before investing in a projector or an FPD, it’s vital to consider the environment that it will be housed in first. FPD’s carry significant weight and may be too heavy to mount on the wall – making projector the most likely alternative. Likewise, a projector may be too heavy to mount from a ceiling. In this case, the use of a Short Throw Lens (STL) could be the solution.

3. Shape: Not all walls and ceilings are built to a 90 degree angle. For those being used in more unique environments – where a wall may be curved for example – a projector may be the most appropriate option compared to a display.

4. Portability: Whilst far from being light in weight, a projector can often be more easily ported between rooms compared to that of a fixed display. A projector can essentially be used anywhere with a power supply and something to project on.