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eyevis videowalls visualise data at German pig iron plant

Two eyevis videowalls and a Siemens control system are being used to visualise process data for the wind supply of pig iron production at Rogesa.

The new wind control stand for the blast furnaces of the Rogesa at the Dillingen site enables centralised monitoring and control of all process data required for the wind supply. The data is displayed on two large videowalls made of rear projection cubes by eyevis. The generating plant control system SPPA T3000 by Siemens regulates the recording of all process data, and the control of the individual sources for the display on the videowalls.

Rogesa, a subsidiary of Dillinger Hütte and Saarstahl, has been operating the blast furnaces four and five since 1974 and 1985 respectively and is producing around 13,000 tons of pig iron a day.

To modernise the blast furnace wind fans, the control room was set up by Sander Meetech GmbH from Saarbrücken, with overall project management by Siemens.

The videowalls consist of 20 70in rear projection cubes, EC-70-LWXT-CP by eyevis. The 1920 x 1200 WUXGA pixel resolution ensures a detailed display of all data. The LED rear projection allows the eyevis cubes to display all content without flicker and rainbow effects. The concave bending of the wall additionally enables optimal observation of the wall from all workstations.

In order to obtain uniform colour representation on all cubes, auto colour tracking was additionally installed that checks the colour values of the individual cubes in operation and corrects them automatically if necessary. The LEDs’ durability of approximately 60,000 hours and the heat pipe cooling system further reduce the need for regular maintenance.