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Engage Production launches FLUX Lounge

Innovative technology specialist Engage Production has officially opened its new FLUX Innovation Lounge. The space, which is located in central London, is filled with emerging interactive, experiential, 3D virtual and augmented reality technologies.

By chance, the opening of the space coincided with Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift – a virtual technology specialist whose kit is a feature of the lounge.

“The idea behind the showroom is to showcase Engage ideas,” commented Steve Blyth. “We wanted to create an easy, relaxed space to have creative conversations with clients, with all the things that we believe are innovative in their arena and in our area. They can also bring their partners so it’s a very collaborative space.”

Examples of technologies on show include a 5m x 2.5m MultiTaction iWall, where presentations from the company’s partners can be made and where people can see first hand the features available on the 12-display surface. There is also 4K content on display via an 84in giant display from Planar, with demonstrations of Engage Productions’ new 4K content show reel.

Elsewhere, visitors can wirelessly share pictures and videos from smartphones or tablets onto one of five displays by using Barco ClickShare. They can also try on clothes virtually via the Fashion 3D system, a solution from Engage Production that has been named as an InstallAwards finalist.

Further engaging technologies are available through MultiTouch tables and a NueroSky ‘Mindwave’ – a prototype that attaches to the user’s head and requires brain power to control what the company describes as a ‘mental fireworks display’.

And if that isn’t enough, visitors may find themselves followed by the Remote Presence Robot.

The space aims to offer the company’s partners and potential users a chance to experience complete solutions first hand. Plans are also in place to host monthly seminars discussing innovations in the sector.

Blyth added that the space will be refreshed every quarter with new technologies – in keeping with the fast-moving interactive technology market.