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Engage Production announces FLUX Innovation Lounge venue

Interactive showroom offers regular opportunities to view demonstrations of the latest technologies.

Engage Production, specialist in interactive technologies for branded environments, has announced the FLUX Innovation Lounge at its new premises in Aldgate, East London – launching on 26 March. A hotbed for innovation, insights and technology, the new innovative showroom and event space offers businesses the rare opportunity to experience not only the latest technology solutions to hit the market, but also those yet to be released.

The FLUX concept originated as a one-day event in London’s Tech City, where Engage introduced new and upcoming interactive technologies to over 600 corporate buyers, creative agencies and investors. Such was the event’s success, it became clear that there was a need for a permanent space for regular demonstrations and networking opportunities between the corporate and technology industries.

“Modern businesses need to make full use of the latest technologies if they want to get ahead,” explains Steve Blyth, founder and managing director of Engage. “At the same time, developers of new technologies need a range of ways to get their products out onto the market. The FLUX Innovation Lounge puts technology in front of potential users and demonstrates how these devices can benefit businesses.”

Delivering a range of ‘journeys’, the new facility offers clients the opportunity to experience first-hand the most innovative technology of today, and to interact with the game-changing technologies of tomorrow. A visit to the FLUX Innovation Lounge can accelerate the business development cycle and save clients time and resources by enabling them to make better informed and fit-for-purpose decisions. The lounge also offers the chance to network with professionals and industry leaders at fortnightly events, seminars and product launches.

Engage has partnered with some amazing technology companies from around the world to curate the permanent technology showroom, and it is updated every quarter to ensure it remains at the bleeding edge of innovation. Journeys currently centre around technologies including interactive videowall, RFID, augmented reality, 3D printer, Fashion3D virtual changing room, large-scale touch screens and much more.

Confirmed key partners include: MultiTouch, Masters of Pie, Planar, and Realtime Visions. Engage can also confirm additional support from VTR North, iMakr, Titan Commerce, Lightware, Imago and 7th Sense.

The FLUX Innovation Lounge offers experience tours in three different areas:

Store of the Future

A journey through the Store of the Future brings expert insights and demonstrations of a full range of cutting-edge technologies that can be integrated into the retail environment in order to deliver a more impactful customer experience resulting in an increase in revenue and brand loyalty.

Brand Interaction

Visitors can discover how the latest, game-changing technology can be strategically integrated into marketing experiences in order to enhance customer communication by creating personalised, data-capturing relationships that lead to long term brand advocacy.

Business Acceleration

The Business Acceleration experience demonstrates how businesses can gain an edge on their competitors through the benefits of an integrated, digitally-enabled work space – iLAND – designed to enhance the businesses strategic priorities, deliver their most challenging work, accelerate the sales process, and improve business communication and collaboration.

The FLUX Innovation Lounge launches on 26-27 March.