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Snapmatic joins Flux Innovation Lounge as innovation partner

Company showcasing its "next generation" AI-powered photobooths at Engage Works' hybrid collaboration venue

Creative technology agency, Engage Works has announced Snapmatic as the latest innovation partner for its Flux Innovation Lounge hybrid collaboration venue. Snapmatic, a brand experience platform, presents AI-powered photobooths, and is said to be “revolutionising” event engagement across hybrid, virtual, and live settings.

Snapmatic’s AI Photobooth stands out in the market with its unique generative AI approach, ensuring consistent, high-quality results through rigorous image training and a cloud GPU infrastructure. The company collaborates closely with brands and agencies, delivering AI-generated output to meet desired appearances, campaign narratives, and brand representations.

“We strongly believe in the transformative potential of AI in enhancing event experiences, and our AI-powered photobooths are a testament to this vision,” said Gabriel Henwood, owner of Snapmatic. “Our primary focus is to assist brands in developing long-lasting connections with their audiences through unique, captivating, and highly personalised interactions. Flux Innovation Lounge is the perfect venue to demonstrate Snapmatic’s capabilities, as it’s a place where ingenuity and innovation are celebrated – not shied away from. Engage Works hosts incredible events in the space that offers us unprecedented exposure for our photobooths to high-value attendees.”

Steve Blyth, founder and group CEO of Engage Works, added: “As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation at the Flux Lounge, we’re thrilled to welcome Snapmatic as our newest partner. Their cutting-edge AI-powered photobooths exemplify the transformative potential of technology in enhancing event experiences. Snapmatic’s dedication to delivering personalised and captivating interactions aligns seamlessly with our vision at Engage Works, and we are excited to showcase their innovative AI photobooth in our innovation lounge. At Flux, we aim to redefine event engagement and leave a lasting impression on attendees, demonstrating the power of immersive experiences.”

Flux Innovation Lounge, located in Design District, London, is available for hire for in-person events, hybrid events, collaboration workshops, and client sessions utilising the latest technology.