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Yodeck Digital Signage Covid survey illustrates signage effectiveness

Survey set up to better understand and evaluate the current status of safety signage and current levels of consumer awareness

Yodeck Digital Signage’s US survey (Q2 of 2021) about Covid-19 and the effectiveness of safety signs revealed that 96% of consumers comply with pandemic safety signs, with 63% said they are “scared” or “wary” when there are no visible signs.

Yodeck asked surveyed 400 people across the US: 24% in the northeast, 10% from the west, 39% from the south, and 19% from the midwest. There were 21 questions in total, all related to the Covid-19 level of cautiousness and safety signs.

This survey was the first version of a consumer-based research report and its purpose was multilateral. Yodeck’s goals were to “better understand and evaluate the current status of safety signage and current levels of consumer awareness” and “bring awareness and attention to the importance of safety signs and encourage business owners to display coronavirus safety guidelines in an attempt to increase consumers’ trust in their business”.

At the time of the survey, 81% of participants lived in an area where Covid-19 government restrictions affected their daily activities. Here are a few key findings:

• 96% of consumers do indeed comply with Covid-19 safety signs, with survey respondents saying that when they notice safety signs they follow the recommended guidelines.

  • The absence of Covid-19 signage affects consumers’ perceptions of a business. 63% said when there are no signs visible, they feel wary or scared. 11% replied that it negatively affects their perception of the business and their customer experience.
  • When it comes to awareness levels of health and safety signs, 41% of respondents said they rate their awareness at 10 – in other words they are extremely aware of coronavirus safety signs.
  • Finally, signage visibility varies by type of venue. 96% of people who visited a grocery store remember seeing a sign, while only 68% of respondents remember seeing safety signs at a gas station.

    Business Implications

    From all the information garnered from this survey, there seems to be a number of advantages to displaying health and safety signs in businesses, since not only do they raise awareness, but can improve customer experience, as well. Specifically, businesses should consider the following based on results of our study:
  • ●  Displaying coronavirus safety guidelines may prevent their staff and customers from contracting coronavirus on-site
  • ●  The absence of health and safety signs negatively impacts people’s emotional response, creating a sense of fear and wariness

You can read the full report here.