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UVS launches entry-level video wall solution

Ultimate Visual Solutions (UVS) has launched its own brand of video wall controller and control software to fill what it believes is a gap in the market for projects which do not require the full functionality of high-end solutions.

The Lucidity brand is aimed at clients who require a solution where full command and control components are not needed.

UVS managing director Steve Murphy (pictured) stressed that Lucidity was not designed to compete with existing high end, full enterprise functionality video wall solutions, which the company continues to promote and supply.

He said: “UVS remains manufacturer agnostic in order to provide clients with the absolute optimum solution to meet specific video wall requirements and we are continuing to work with key manufacturers on that basis.

“However, we have noticed a gap in the market for video wall systems which required a lower investment, where enterprise level features are not required, but no specific product existed.

“Lucidity Wall Manager now provides the launching of sources by dragging and dropping templates or via presets, rather than via dynamic resizing of images on the video wall. The Lucidity Media Wall controller range provides for the connection of all typical video wall source types.”