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Product spotlight: Calibre ships flagship LEDFusion Pro series

All-in-one screens now widely available in 130in or 163in sizes following corporate deployments

Calibre UK is now shipping its flagship Calibre LEDFusion Pro screen management solution. Announced in April, the all-in-one screens were initially deployed in some corporate applications and are now widely available in 130in or 163in sizes and are sold either as a stand-alone unit (A130C-15 and A163C-09) or a multi-system solution for advanced screen management (W236CF-15 and W260CF-15).

“Calibre LEDFusion Pro was introduced earlier this year incorporating the feedback received from our integration partners for a more complete, sustainable and future-proof system that could be expanded without limits,” explained Steve Su, general manager at Calibre UK.

“LEDFusion Pro beats any competition it the market and is about 45% more effective than previous models in the Calibre range,” he added.