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PPDS collaborates to create new retail signage solution

Partnership between PPDS, Intel, Advantech and Navori Labs combines state-of-the-art digital display and camera technology with the latest intelligent software analytic innovations to breathe new life into the retail shopping experience, aiding short- and long-term financial recovery

PPDS has announced a new collaboration with Intel, Advantech and Navori Labs, to create Intelligent Signage Solution for Retail, a “revolutionary” AI-powered digital signage solution that combines Philips digital signage with intelligent context-aware software and camera technologies to deliver data-driven insights to high street retailers.

Designed to take the customer’s omnichannel strategy to the next level and to create an experience unachievable online, the solution is said to enable retailers to make “smarter, more informed business decisions” using advanced analytics based on the store’s activities throughout the day, week, month or year.

Compatible with PPDS’s Philips P-Line 24/7 digital signage range for indoor environments (42in-55in), and connected with the store’s choice of on-board ethernet or Wi-Fi, the solution harnesses Advantech’s integrated DS-200 SDM-L Smart Display Module computer platform, powered by Intel vPro technology that can be used to manage the unit remotely. These are brought together with the Aquaji smart AI-computer vision driven software platform for marketing analytics, and QL CMS software used to manage the display contents – both from Navori Labs.

“There has never been a more important time for retailers to attract customers back to the high street and to seize every sales opportunity,” said Chris Colpaert, general manager at PPDS. “With our advanced Philips digital signage and our industry-leading partnerships with Intel, Advantech and Navori Labs, we’re reducing the odds of failure and increasing sales opportunities for retailers, while making the experience for customers a smarter and more tailored one.

“This solution will bring retailers the tools to improve their customers’ journey and experience by analysing the data and implementing the right content to the right person at the right moment and in the right place. This is a game-changer for the retail industry, whether you’re a single small corner shop or an international retailer.”

“Aquaji helps businesses understand consumer habits and profiles, create new opportunities for growth and profitability through stronger visitor engagement, while our QL software can empower retailers to quickly and easily create, schedule and target compelling and dynamic content based on detailed business intelligence,” said Jerome Moeri, CEO, Navori Labs. “We are excited to work with PPDS and their other collaborators at Advantech and Intel to brick-and-mortar retailers enhance targeted shopping experiences for their customers.”

Tim de Ruiter, international business manager, PPDS, concluded: “This solution is a revolution for retailers, allowing them to manage content confidently, knowing that it’s timely, on target and accurate. By selecting the gender and age frame, the retailer can be sure that only one group will see a specific promotion.

“Helping our retail end customers to make their jobs as hassle-free as possible helps our system integrators to differentiate their own service. So, helping them to track whether content receives attention, and to be able to adjust it within the timeframe of the promotion to make it more attractive, is a real bonus. The data helps them to make the right decisions and they can clearly see the impact of their decisions with the results. It’s a virtuous loop.”