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Clevertouch launches new content management platform

ClevertouchLive digital signage CMP set to "challenge the norm" says company

Clevertouch Technologies has released ClevertouchLive a new digital signage Content Management Platform (CMP) that, the company says, will “challenge the norm and deliver revolutionary technology to enhance the user and audience experience”.

The new cloud-based software integrates Clevertouch’s Digital Ecosystem range, enabling customers to manage all their Clevertouch devices from a single content management platform. It comprises digital signage, room booking and interactive collaboration panels.

Non-touch features ‘interactive QR code display’ and ‘content triggering from personal mobile devices’ have been included within the CMP to encourage engagement and interaction with audiences using their own devices.

“We are excited about our new entry in to the market, this single sign on platform will truly be one the first to bring all our digital signage, interactive screens and software together,” said Mark Starkey, CEO Clevertouch Technologies. “We truly believe this is an industry game changer and will raise the functionality expectations of end users to a higher level, a level we are leading.”