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AV industry playing critical role for sectors resuming operations

Following the launch of its VIP partner programme yesterday, Vestel's sales and marketing director David Flintoft spoke to Installation about the initiative the company hopes will boost business for its partners, and the crucial role the AV market is playing in helping sectors come back online

Talk us through the creation of the Partner Programme; how long has the concept has been in development? 

David Flintoft

From concept through to finished product, our Partner Programme took nearly 12 months to build. We wanted to make sure that we listened to the requirements and demands of our resellers, to create a programme that is truly tailored to their needs. We also invited some of our partners to engage with a later version of the programme and digital portal, so that we could make adjustments based on their feedback. We’re very proud to have taken this time to build the necessary infrastructure around the programme in terms of service, marketing, a strong sales team and most importantly an extremely competitive range of products.

You mention this has been developed in league with your partners, what were the main needs and requirements they were/are looking for to grow their businesses? 

Our partners told us that one of their greatest needs is having access to clear, simple and accurate content that can be easily viewed in one place, while on the go. This is why we created our digital portal – to present this information through an easy-to-use app or browser web page. Other reseller requirements include access to special pricing, quick responses to bid requests, marketing development funds to raise the profile of the Vestel brand (jointly with their own) and to support reseller growth, as well as access to loan products and product training. On top of this, it will also be a hub for industry updates and Vestel user-cases to spark conversation and generate ideas and solutions directly between the reseller and us, the brand. We have incorporated all of these features into our programme.

Similarly, what feedback are your partners giving you about the specific challenges they face in the current climate? 

Since the pandemic started, a big focus for many businesses has been on continuing to drive sales and pivoting their strategies where needed. We are committed to working with our partners and giving them the necessary support and tools for continued business growth, over the coming months and beyond. In addition to this necessary short-term support, we’re also focused on helping our partners achieve their ambitions for long-term growth, by identifying new opportunities that are arising from the changing environment.

Finally, these are challenging times for many businesses, how has Vestel coped with the pandemic conditions and what is your outlook for the market as we continue to move forward in uncertain times? 

The current climate has been challenging for all individuals and industries. Our industry is not exempt. Fortunately, this changing environment has also given us access to new opportunities.

The AV industry is currently playing a critical role in helping many sectors manage the crisis and resume their operations safely.

For example, the retail, hospitality, education and corporate sectors are all leveraging digital signage solutions (pictured) to provide their staff, students and customers with the necessary health and safety guidance. AV solutions are also being deployed to manage gathering numbers and to create LCD, motion activated hand sanitiser stations. We can expect these use-cases to grow in the coming months, as industries continue to adapt to a new way of operating.