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Discover new realities at ISE in the Immersive Technology Zone

Integrated Systems Europe 2017 will see the premiere of a new Immersive Technology Zone and attendees will get the chance to experience virtual, augmented and mixed reality technology at first hand throughout the show. The new show feature will be produced and managed by UK-based company Holovis, a world leader in sensory experience design in the entertainment, industrial, and retail sectors.

The ISE Immersive Technology Zone powered by Holovis will be a dedicated area located in the Park Foyer at the rear of Hall 8. The space will feature four virtual environments. These will allow visitors to explore the various immersive options available, from VR (virtual reality) to AR (augmented reality) and MxR (mixed reality), highlighting how they differ and the business challenges they can help overcome.

The environments on display will feature content created by the Holovis media and software development teams. These will include the Near Miss Simulator, a virtual training environment delivering compelling content for those working in high risk jobs and a Driving Simulator showing the enhanced impact of VR when combined with perfectly synched motion and audio. In addition, an Augmented Reality Zombie game will highlight the interactive networked capabilities of this technology accessible from any personal device while the physical challenge of removing as many balls from a Virtual Ball Pool as possible will demonstrate MxR in action. This latter feature will also form the basis for a competition that will run throughout the four-day exhibition.

Integrated Systems Events MD Mike Blackman commented: “We are delighted to be partnering with a market leading company such as Holovis on the Immersive Technology Zone. It will showcase how quickly this innovative application of technology is opening up exciting new options and solutions for the AV industry.”

Stuart Hetherington, Holovis CEO, said: “We design complete solutions that transport guests into alternative realities, whether that’s fictional worlds for entertainment or real situations for R&D or training. We are excited to be partnering with ISE to showcase a complete suite of virtual options, from singular immersive experiences to those that can be shared by a group to inspire end users and show the AV industry how they can support the development of complex set-ups.”

Holovis staff will be on hand throughout the show to ensure that attendees will not only be able to experience the features on offer but also get professional insight into how this type of technology is becoming utilised by a growing range of AV businesses. This is being increasingly seen in the areas of product design, workforce training, factory planning and construction. No pre-booking will be necessary.