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Coda Audio eyes expansion with new French distributor

Coda Audio has celebrated immediate success in the establishment of its new French distributor with Coda Audio France completing the sale of 24 boxes of the AiRAY system to French rental company RégieTeK.

Coda’s increasing growth and the continued success of the AiRAY, since its launch in 2015, provided the company with the opportunity to strengthen and streamline its commercial structure with a new French distributor, taking over from RégieTeK.

The company sought an industry expert with a strong reputation and an established network of contacts to run the new distributor, with exclusivity in France. This led to the involvement of Philippe Pelmelle, who has many years of successful audio industry experience in a variety of international roles, and started at Coda Audio in 2009 having carried out freelance representative work on the company’s behalf.

Paul Ward, Coda’s sales and marketing director commented: “I have known Philippe for a number of years now and was aware that he had always thought very highly of the Coda brand. We renewed acquaintance and he visited us in Hanover to take a look at our operations and discuss business. I have no doubt that he was impressed because this arrangement was concluded quickly and easily. We’re delighted to have such a talented operator representing us on what should prove very fertile ground as a growing market for Coda.”

Philippe Pelmelle added: “The quality and range of Coda’s products are second to none. By offering completely integrated system solutions, every part of which is designed and manufactured in-house, users are not reliant on external elements. In turn this makes training more straightforward and increases all-round reliability. Combining such exceptional products with trust in my own networks, I really feel confident about driving Coda towards the French market.”

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