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Christie launches Brio meeting room solution

Christie’s Brio is an affordable, hassle-free meeting and content sharing solution automatically handles as many as five presentations and includes multi-site support and whiteboard integration.

Christie’s Brio is an affordable, hassle-free meeting and content sharing solution automatically handles as many as five presentations and includes multi-site support and whiteboard integration. Christie’s Brio is a new meeting presentation and content sharing solution that aims to take the hassle out of single and multi-site workplace meetings.
 Brio enables multiple attendees at meetings to run audio and video presentations from their own devices, without scrambling for matching display cables and adapters, plugging in dongles or installing and configuring new software to get it working.
 “As we thought about what we wanted in a meeting technology, there were three things that were very clear,” said Kathryn Cress, vice president, global and corporate marketing, Christie. “One, it had to be easily accessible, with no special training or driver software that users had to install. Two, it had to tear down the existing communication barriers so that sharing information became effortless. And three, it had to allow users to share multiple types of content. The ultimate goal in developing Brio was to ensure that all participants could share whatever they needed to—to ultimately be able to share more.”
Straightforward to install and use, Brio uses wired or wireless connections to automatically share multiple presentations showing simultaneously on either one or two meeting room screens. Whether participants use PCs or Macs, iPads or Android tablets, or smartphones, presentations can be added to a meeting as a thought occurs, with their information showing on that meeting room display in seconds.
Using a single, low-cost hardware Brio node, any meeting room can automatically add up to five presentations to that room’s displays. Once the content is processed by the node it can also be made available to other Brio nodes via a shared network. In this way a variety of information – including PowerPoint and keynote presentations, audio, digital whiteboards, and videoconferencing sessions – can be pushed to any display attached to the Brio node, and shared with all the displays in the same meeting. 
Brio nodes can be connected via a network to multiple worksites on a corporate campus, or across the country. All Brio nodes added to a meeting will see the same presentations, and any Brio node user can add a presentation to the meeting. Brio makes interactive content sharing across multiple rooms and offices straightforward, seamless and immediate, plus the cost of Brio nodes is low enough to equip even remote users in home offices.
Brio also takes full advantage of interactive whiteboard technology. Users in multiple locations can work together on notes and sketches. Any Brio node connected to a meeting allows users anywhere to contribute to that whiteboard session.
Connecting laptops to a Brio node automatically adds them to all displays connected in the meeting, and the platform intelligently displays material in the correct aspect ratio. For multi-site meetings participants use an intuitive network interface to login and set up that is as simple as making a phone call.
Brio also fully supports smart devices like tablets running Windows 8, Apple iOS and Android. Both the node control and presentation connection work the same for tablets and smartphones as they do for PCs and Macs.Brio was unveiled in Europe for the first time on Christie’s stand at the recent IBC2013 show in Amsterdam.