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Christie projectors bring ‘sci-fi’ cinema to life in France

A Christie CP4435-RGB pure laser projector has been installed at Ōma Cinema in Mougins, France. It is inspired by Italian opera houses, with a futuristic 'sci-fi' design

A Christie CP4435-RGB pure laser projector is bringing screenings to life at a unique new cinema experience at Ōma Cinema in Mougins, France. Inspired by traditional Italian-style opera house balconies – and resembling a futuristic sci-fi layout – Ōma Cinema features innovative architecture, utilising circular seating pods to improve viewing.

Christie partner Cinewest chose the CP4435-RGB projector to deliver DCI compliant cinema projection, paired with a custom 7.1 sound system. Christie CP4435-RGB features CineLife+ electronics and Real|Laser illumination as a compact, all-in-one projector. Thanks to the radical design, the projector is able to be installed perfectly mid-centre to the screen, eliminating image distortion.

Ōma Cinemas in Mougins is the first ever Ōma install, and features 160 seats, with five individual pods, as well as orchestra seating. Designed by architect Pierre Chican, the patented concept’s ‘vertical’ seating structure is designed to concentrate seating pods in the optimal viewing area, moving the traditional ‘first row’ seats further back in the theatre, and the ‘back row’ seats closer to the screen.

“We wanted to bring something different and offer viewers something special as part of a premium in-person visit, which couldn’t be replicated at home,” said Nicolas Chican, co-founder, Ōma Cinemas. “We saw a lack of evolution in cinema design in recent decades and felt that architecture could be a powerful tool to deliver something unique. We are manufacturer agnostic, but we were pleased with the Christie projector that was chosen by our client, as it has excellent contrast ratio, high brightness and an impressive colour spectrum. It’s not just about architecture, it’s about the whole experience, and we can’t wait to see what customers think.”

Adil Zerouali, senior director of sales, EMEA Cinema, added: “We’re delighted that Cinewest chose the Christie CP4435-RGB for this exciting project at Ōma Cinemas in Mougins, which will deliver outstanding visual performance. We believe that cinema delivers a shared experience like no other, and we want to inspire and engage moviegoers together with our partners. It’s great to see innovation in the industry, and I’m sure that this bold concept will excite moviegoers.”

Each Ōma pod features its own unique access point, and is customisable with different seating configurations and comforts. It is also possible to incorporate a stage beside the screen to allow an Ōma room to be used for live events and conferences. Thanks to the more vertical seating structure, space is saved at the rear of the screen, providing room to locate dedicated food and beverage areas and lounge bars. The first public screening at Mougins took place on 24th April.