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Analog Way partners with graphics software provider Softpix

Agreement will integrate Softpix’s SPX real-time graphics solution into Analog Way’s Picturall range of products

Analog Way has announced a partnership agreement with Softpix Ltd, the provider of graphics software and creative services to the live TV/web production and broadcast industries.

The agreement will integrate Softpix’s SPX real-time graphics solution into Analog Way’s Picturall range of products, providing customers with a wide range of ready-made graphics templates for their projects.  Custom graphics options will also be available.  SPX integration will be included in the 3.5.0 Picturall release expected this summer.

“In response to strong demand from our customers, we have searched for a graphics generator that could show static and dynamic text and graphics on our system. We selected SPX which was confirmed, after serious testing, to perfectly fit the bill,” said Samuli Valo, managing director at Analog Way Picturall media server competence center.

Atte Varsta, CEO and partner of Softpix Ltd, added: “Our collaboration with Analog Way offers Picturall customers more creative and compelling solutions. SPX graphics complements other media playback features of Picturall, and together they form a powerful combination for pro AV customers requiring flexibility and fast turnover in their projects.”

SPX integration comes with a special template pack consisting of about ten templates, including name straps, news tickers, countdown clocks, sponsor carousels and other essential graphics. The templates’ colours and fonts can be themed with CSS style sheets, so they can act as a great resource for any production.

Picturall has a SPX template installer feature for adding graphics templates to the system and creating added value. SPX’s Creative Services will work closely with Analog Way’s sales team to support Picturall clients with any custom designs or other graphics-based solutions needed.

“Working with Analog Way’s skilled pro AV specialists and their highly demanding clients in extremely interesting live event production will increase our knowledge of the field and push us to constantly improve the software and its capabilities,” said Varsta. “Picturall and other Analog Way products will also be a great asset for other SPX customers.

“We believe that real-time content such as the use of social media comments, other data feeds or interactive opportunities will spark new creative ideas for live events.  We are sure we will see interesting new projects utilizing graphics very soon!”.