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Bose provides discreet performance for Haz Restaurant

The latest Haz Restaurant, located near Fenchurch Street in the city of London, has been equipped with a Bose FreeSpace 3 sound system to improve the venue’s ambience and complement the interior décor.

Bose Pro partner, AV Systems, worked closely with the restaurant’s design team, I-AM, to ensure that the chosen speakers not only sounded good, but fitted discreetly into the mix of crystal chandeliers and unique wooden slatted ceilings.

A fully concealed Bose FreeSpace 3 system consisting of 24 satellite cube speakers and six sub bass units was installed inside the composite ceiling finish, above the line of sight. It is driven from a dedicated AV rack containing a Bose PowerMatch 8500N amplifier, and Bose ControlSpace ESP 880 processor. The system delivers a warm and inviting ambience during the day, and at night it can be turned up to create a more vibrant atmosphere.

Even in the restroom areas, there are quality Bose DS40 speakers to maintain the atmosphere, and the whole system is easily controlled by staff from a CC64 interface at the reception desk.

“We could not be happier with the result,” commented co-owner Zafer Cicek. “I have worked with Adam from AV Systems on a previous Haz project near St Pauls, and he understands exactly what is required. The team at I-AM design love working with him as he is able to fully complement their design, ensuring that the system design meets their high standards.”

Adam Florio of AV Systems added: “It’s great to work with Zafer as he appreciates high quality sound. From an audio perspective, the design brief was for the system to blend with the contemporary yet luxurious feel of the restaurant, but to achieve this result in a way that was completely visually non impacting, so Bose FreeSpace 3 was the obvious choice. The sound level goes above and beyond the standard specification for a restaurant of this size, with excellent vocal intelligibility and flawless coverage throughout the venue. Perfect for a lunchtime meeting or after work dinner. When the system is cranked up a little, it can provide entertainment as well as ambience.”