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BenQ expands education offering with Qwizdom partnership

BenQ has announced that it will be adding Qwizdom’s Oktopus to its portfolio of available software for interactive learning.

Oktopus is a locally installed presentation solution that offers over 70 subject specific tools for teaching, eight polling questions and tablet collaboration over a local network. The partnership means that BenQ will now be offering four software solutions specifically designed to enrich every lesson and transform the way teachers and students communicate, interact and learn.

“We strive to offer the best all round package for our customers; giving them more than the current market provides and now with Oktopus the ability to retain existing teaching content,” said Royce Lye, general manager for BenQ. He added: “as well as Oktopus, we’re able to offer UK schools the award winning Wordwall and DisplayNote and a built-in connected Android system that includes apps such as BenQ EZWrite; allowing our customers to choose the best way for them to teach.”

“Having the chance to partner with BenQ is an incredibly exciting opportunity for Qwizdom, “ said Dermot Sweeney, MD at Qwizdom. He adds, “trending upwards and leading out with new innovative interactive display technology, we feel that this is the right partnership for Qwizdom Oktopus and the timing is perfect. We look forward to supporting BenQ in achieving its goals in the UK and working together to deliver exceptional value for all of our customers.”

For access to Oktopus, BenQ interactive flat panel customers get a lifetime license and can download the software straight to their PC or Mac. Each user will receive full access to all of its features, including its impressive Glass Mode function, allowing annotation over all live content.

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