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Barco introduces laser projector range for simulation market

Barco has launched the first projector from a new series of solid-state laser projectors for the simulation market.

The F90 is a 13,000 lumens model with up to 4K UHD resolution combined with operational simplicity and low total cost of ownership (TCO). The high brightness output makes the new F90 series suited to a wide range of large display applications from ship bridges to rear-projection simulation domes.

The series has been designed specifically for the simulation market with features such as smearing reduction, which ensures fast-moving objects are depicted with high accuracy, and the high illumination level, meaning fewer channels are required on large display areas, reducing the TCO.

Additionally, Barco’s 4K UHD Single Step Processing (SSP) technology delivers lower latency, even in fast-moving simulation systems. The embedded warp and blend capability, Constant Light Output, and dual iris system with optical filters, further enhance images in any simulation system.

TCO is low due to the reliability of laser-phosphor technology, which provides up to 40,000 hours of very low maintenance operation with brightness and colour performance remaining strong over time.

Another advantage of the F90 series is that it utilises all of the existing lens options of Barco/projectiondesign’s F3x series.

“With this new family of professional-class projectors, we’ve combined the best of both worlds from our Norway and Belgium-based R&D teams,” said Dave Flugeman, VP Simulation at Barco. “With our unmatched legacy of high-quality DLP projectors and our rich history of high-end products for the entertainment and simulation market, this new class of projectors is designed to meet − and exceed − the rigours of the simulation market. The superior image quality of the F90 series makes this compact projector a real high-flyer in its class.”

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