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More AVB network switches reach the market

The Extreme Networks Summit X460 Series of stackable switches has achieved AVnu certification for AVB (audio-video bridging).

Another series of AVnu-certified AVB (audio-video bridging) switches is now available to the market. The Extreme Networks Summit X460 Series of stackable switches has passed all testing for certification and will now bear the AVnu-certified logo.

“In a big step forward for adoption and scale of the AVnu-certified ecosystem, we are excited to announce the X460 family of AVnu-certified switches from Extreme Networks, creating increased choices for end users,” said Rick Kreifeldt, president of the AVnu Alliance, which describes itself as ‘the only industry consortium driving open standards-based deterministic networking through certification’.

He continued: “AVnu Alliance and our members are ensuring interoperability across a broad ecosystem of devices through certification, which will bring economies of scale and drive down total costs. There are many more AVB end points and switches in the pipeline for AVnu certification, with certification and interoperability testing for automotive, video and consumer electronics expected to open in 2015.”

The certification tests, run at the Alliance’s appointed testing house, University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL), ensure that the product conforms to the relevant IEEE standards, as well as additional requirements that AVnu Alliance has selected as necessary for proper system interoperability.

“AVnu-certification has allowed us to go the extra step for our customers toward scalability, flexibility and reliability throughout the network. We are very proud to now have two families of AVnu-certified switches on the market and we will continue to pursue certification for more switches,” said Todd Acree, director of product management at Extreme Networks. “AVB standards provide a dynamic infrastructure that has huge benefits for our customers. AVnu-certification of our X460 series minimises maintenance and reduces total cost while simplifying system design and optimisation of the network.”

Extreme Networks’ AVB Summit X460 series is described as intelligent, cost effective edge switching that is highly scalable, with a small form factor. The X460 series is based on Extreme Networks’ ExtremeXOS, a highly resilient OS that provides continuous uptime, manageability, and operational efficiency. The Summit X460, with six ports of 10GbE ports on each switch, can also be used as a top-of-rack switch for many data centre environments.