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d&b announces new Soundscape audio system upgrades

Latest software updates further enhance users’ ability to deliver top sound

d&b audiotechnik has announced new advanced features for its Soundscape immersive audio system, further expanding the capability of the high-performance, multichannel toolkit for venues and events of all sizes, with significant developments for the En-Scene and En-Space tools.

Fuelled by a dedication to customer experience as well as ensuring preparedness for events post lockdown, these latest software updates further enhance users’ ability to deliver extraordinary acoustic experiences with the comprehensive Soundscape toolkit.

“At d&b we are planning ahead and ensuring the Soundscape platform is not only easy to deploy and accessible, but significantly advanced for when it’s possible to have events again,” said Georg Stummer, product manager, d&b audiotechnik. “The features released today not only significantly increase the predictability and flexibility of Soundscape, but also the ease of implementation from small theatre productions to large, complex applications. We are constantly driven by customer feedback and these updates reflect the markets leading requests, ensuring we can further embed Soundscape as the industry standard in immersive sound and deliver further capabilities to our customers creative endeavours.”

A Soundscape system encompasses: the DS100 Signal Engine, with comprehensive system configuration and matrix functionality that can operate in a standalone mode or be combined with one or both of two software modules; the En-Scene object-based positioning software; and the En-Space room-emulation software. The latest feature update includes significant developments for the En-Scene – sound object routing and new function group modes – and En-Space tools.

“These latest Soundscape software updates are a significant step forward for designing and installing Soundscape systems,” concluded Stummer. “They ensure this immersive technology is designed to cater to the large variety of applications and audiences we expect to see at socially-distanced events this summer season and well into the future.”