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Analysis: AR and VR headset market to grow ten-fold

New device launches, an expanding array of content for consumer and enterprise users, and lower price points will propel total VR and AR headset device shipments ten-fold from the 10.1 million units supplied in 2016 to around 100 million units in 2021.

Following initial demand from technology enthusiasts, consumer take-up is expanding rapidly in gaming and other content-rich applications.

For enterprise users, AR and VR are expected to raise productivity, allowing workers to see and interact with data instead of viewing a static image on a screen. Markets, such as manufacturing and design, healthcare, transportation and retail stand to benefit the most.

AR remains as the minority portion of the market in terms of shipments, however headset sales are eventually expected to bring in significantly more revenue, with headsets expected to cost well over $1,000 compared to sub-$1,000 for VR headsets.

Source: International Data Corporation (IDC)