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Absen LED video display in key Oslo metro location

An impactful 27.5sqm Absen LED video display has been installed in Oslo's Tøyen metro station– a major transport hub and a strategic location for advertising.

Clear Channel Norway (CCN) has recently installed an impactful 27.5sqm Absen LED video display in Oslo’s Tøyen metro station. Tøyen is one of six Oslo stations that share all the T-bane metro lines, which together transport 88 million commuters each year – and the station is also of strategic importance for advertisers, with a shopping centre above and the Munch art museum nearby.

A combined effort between CCN, the privately owned metro system and the local Norwegian government, the installation was prompted by the local government’s efforts and investments as part of revitalisation projects in the eastern area of Oslo.

The 2.5m x 11m screen, made up of Absen’s A2 2.5mm 4K resolution panels, is split into different parts to fulfil two key functions. A significant proportion of the screen displays advertising and real-time metro information, using four DVI inputs and outputs. The other segment of the install, however, was created to serve a more humble purpose. “The local government has recently put a lot of investment into the city, creating new parks and renovating certain areas,” commented Jonas Michael, head of digital operations & development at CCN. “It was important for them to have a high-resolution screen to showcase the regeneration work they had been doing in the city of Oslo and the efforts made for the local community, including schools. So there is a constant stream of high-resolution images with specific content regarding the work they’ve been doing in the city on the screen.”

CCN developed all the 4K content for the screens, created using its own in-house software, optimum for screen calibration and smooth image creation. A special casing was custom built to surround the screen with sealed protective glass, which meets fire and safety requirements. Thanks to the wide gangway in the metro station, there was plenty of space to house the huge LED screen. Most importantly for CCN, the Absen 2.5mm pitch panels with their high resolution satisfy the interests of the commercial, private and local government parties involved.

In addition to high-quality advertising, detailed images of Oslo’s regeneration can be absorbed by busy commuters travelling through one of the city’s busiest metro stations. “We decided to take the leap of faith with Absen, and they proved to be the right choice,” said Michael. “With a permanent installation such as this one, all the right factors are in place: pin-sharp resolution, great customer service and support, and competitive pricing.”

The partnership between Absen and CCN, now in its third year, began with the positive experience Clear Channel Spain had with the Absen product line. “At the time, CCN was working with different suppliers due to the very attractive pricing of the Absen panels and great customer support,” commented Michael. “Our own software allows us to keep track of real-time operational functionality for every piece of equipment we install, and this strengthened our confidence in Absen further as we can see extremely low failure rates with their LED panels. In addition, thanks to the training received at the ACE+ sessions, when we order LED modules we can better select the correct type of Absen technology for the given installation. Having the knowledge helps us to select the best in the vast Absen product range.”

Picture: Clear Channel Norway

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