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Aavara introduces new HDMI solutions

Aavara has announced three HDMI distribution solutions for pro-AV signage and residential home theatre applications.

Aavara has announced three HDMI distribution solutions for pro-AV signage and residential home theatre applications. The three new solutions – all devised to satisfy demand for 1080p high-quality video applications – are PB5000 HDMI Over IP Multi-Casting, PCE122 HDMI Over Single Coaxial Extender and Super PM4X2A Home HDMI Media Matrix.

The new PB5000 HDMI over IP (pictured) delivers 1080p HDMI video over an IP network with a feature-set that also includes “CD quality” audio as well as support for Multi-Casting and multiple video sources with PB5000 Senders video-streaming to multiple TVs, displays and projectors with the PB5000 receiver. By controlling the 802.1Q VLAN grouping setting on the network switch, customers are able to switch/change TV with the PB5000 receiver to receive different video source video streaming.

The PCE122 HDMI over Single Coaxial Extender offers 120M HDMI 1080p video and 7.1-channel audio. Suitable for signage and residential AV applications, the PCE122 features built-in 1 to 2 Coaxial Splitter in Sender and One Coaxial Cascade output in Receiver. This is said to bring greater flexibility as it supports up to five layers cascadable across 600M 1080p video with 7.1-channel audio transmission for 10 connected TVs, displays or projectors. The BNC connector design also ensures a solid coaxial cable connection for vibration and shock resisting.

Finally, the Super PM4X2A 4×2 Home HDMI Media Matrix is designed to fulfil consumer demand for integrating home theatre projectors/TV or support multi-room HD entertainment sharing. One HDMI output has been integrated with a Cat5e/6/7 extender, which provides 70M 1080p lossless uncompressed video transmission.

Aavara director Nick Hsu told IE: “[The Super PM4X2A] also supports full-range IR Pass-Thru to control video devices from the receiver side. [It offers] built-in EDID memory to work smoothly with the Windows 7 Media Center HTPC, [while there is also a] TOSLINK Optic S/PDFI output to ensure the best amplifier connection and an RS-232 control for PC or home automation.”

Summing up the new products, Hsu added: “All have been designed to suit commercial advance video-rich signage demands for 1080p high-quality video impact and are being presented as the perfect residential solution for those with multi-room distribution requirements.”