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180-degree curved videowall for NEC Solutions Showcase

NEC, PSCo, Unicol, Matrox, Green Hippo and Kin Design will be collaborating at NEC Solutions Showcase on 14-15 May.

Six companies will be collaborating to create a 180ยบ curved videowall at NEC Solutions Showcase on 14-15 May. NEC, PSCo, Unicol, Matrox, Green Hippo and Kin Design are the partners involved in produce the videowall at the Velodrome in the London Olympic Park.

The curved videowall will use 36 of NEC’s X554UNS 55in LED-backlit ultra-narrow bezel displays and PSCo Portable Video Wall System bracketry produced by Unicol. The wall will be driven as four HD blocks from a PSCo Video Wall Processor, using Matrox Mura graphics cards to display HD input captures without sacrificing frame rate, colour or resolution. The processor will have eight inputs, four of which will be provided by a Green Hippo Par4Keet media player, which will be running a 7860 x 1080 video as the feature source. This will be overlaid with four additional sources.

Launched recently, Par4Keet enables users to manipulate and adapt media remotely or in-situ, controlling video playback, encoding and output mapping via AViary’s 4K+ FlexRes codec. Using Par4Keet, media of any shape (tall and thin or ultra-wide) can be added to work seamlessly according to user-defined ratios with pixel-to-pixel accuracy.

For one of the content inputs, PSCo will be partnering with interactive design agency Kin Design. The company’s software uses a 3D imaging camera to take a live video image of a user and turns it into a mosaic made from hundreds of smaller photos. These photos could be of a product, person, Facebook photo album or live Instagram feed. Each photo becomes a ‘pixel’, so at first glance the user’s image appears on screen as tiny coloured squares which then become larger, moving in real-time 3D, as the user moves towards the camera.

Simon Jackson, vice president at NEC Display Solutions, commented: “PSCo never fails to draw in the crowds at our Showcase events and this year, for the fifth time, they’re back in full force with a sensational shaped video wall using our new X554UNS screens. I know the team will deliver an all-encompassing and engaging viewing experience for our visitors.”