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Audio networking: market measures

Thanks to work carried out in part with readers of Installation, we have a quantitative picture of the state of networked audio adoption. Paddy Baker reports

In 2015 and 2016, readers of Installation, along with sister title SCN and other industry titles, completed a survey from RH Consulting into the global uptake of audio networking. In parallel to this, the consultancy monitors the granting of manufacturers’ licences and the releases of products that operate under different networking protocols.

The number of Dante products on the market has risen sharply and fairly steadily over the past four years. This graph, from data compiled in February, shows 916 Dante products available – not including interface cards. Audinate now puts the total number of Dante products today at over 1,000.

Since the start of Avnu certification for AVB devices, RH Consulting’s analysis has considered non-certified AVB product under the ‘proprietary’ heading.

With 132 manufacturers shipping products, Dante is by far the best-supported audio protocol, far outstripping the other technologies combined.

In 2016, RH Consulting gathered data on over 8,000 audio networking projects. Just under four out of every five projects used Dante.