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RH Consulting releases latest networked audio adoption report

Stats on audio networking in the pro audio, AV and broadcast markets

Audio consultancy and networking expert RH Consulting Europe has released its latest report on the adoption of audio networking in the pro audio, AV and broadcast markets. Universally recognised as the benchmark for tracking trends in networked audio, the report covers all the major protocols including Dante, RAVENNA, AVB, Milan and others.

This year’s report comes in two parts: firstly, the headline totals, followed in a few weeks with even more comprehensive data on protocols, compatibility and rate of adoption.

Part one logs a total of 3,306 networked products currently shipping from 420 manufacturers – nearly two new products every day in the past year – and that number is going up all the time.

“We were pleased to note that the current pandemic doesn’t seem to have had a great impact on new product launches,” observed RHC audio consultant and director at PR agency Copper Leaf Media, Roland Hemming.

“Dante, for example, has passed the milestone of 3,000 shipping products. There is also a modest increase in the number of RAVENNA products, and better data also reveals more RAVENNA manufacturers than previously logged.”

Click here for further details on what the first part of the report reveals, along with how the data is compiled.