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“Revolutionary” controller for true 4K projections launches

GeoBox UD10X series is world’s first hardware solution for 4K edge-blending and warping

VNS Inc has introduced the GeoBox UD10X series, the world’s first hardware solution for full control – edge-blending and warping – of 8k/2k @30Hz or 4K (4096×2160) @60Hz content on true 4K (4096×2160) @60hz projectors. Up until now, only complex PC-based solutions could warp and edge-blend images outputted from 4K projectors, with most models only offering built-in limited geometric correction (no edge-blending).

The modularised UD10X series allows integrators to easily adjust outputted images in real time without pre-editing and without the need for PC-based software and are controlled via an IR controller, RS232, USB or Ethernet.

Each UD10X module can control multiple 4K content, with the possibility of combining 4K outputs to create even higher-resolution image displays. They are equipped with four inputs (3x HDMI2.0; 1x DP1.4) and one output (HDMI 2.0) and can be daisy-chained to support more than four projectors. The UD101 boasts one module, with the UD102 offering two, the UD103 three, and the UD104 four modules. In addition, the striped-back (no edge-blending functionality) UD101Lite is said to be the “best solution” on the market for creating warped 4K images.

The UD10X series’ PIP/POP functionality allows PIP (sub) images to be placed in any location and in any size on the projection-blended installation, with POP images able to be placed side-by-side or top-to-bottom. This multi-viewer feature is embedded: up to four split views can be created in each output channel. Uniquely, main and secondary images can be rotated, flipped and swapped around independently, with adjustable cropping area and aspect ratios.

Each output is supported by four inputs, and the user can create up to four split views in one output channel – so, for example, with four outputs each supported by four inputs, the UD104 can display up to 16 independent images on a 4-projector wall. And with HDMI loop-through, scalable cascading is possible, so results aren’t limited to four projectors.

“This world-first for edge-blending and warping 4K projectors is a complete game-changer for integrators,” says VNS Inc CEO Steve Wang. “There’s nothing else like the UD10X series anywhere in the world, and up until now warping and edge-blending of 4K projectors was only possible with complicated and expensive PC add-ons. Our one-box modules reduce costs and increase simplicity.”

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