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Vivitek debuts laser projectors for large venues and museums

Vivitek has introduced the DU8195Z and the DK10000Z laser projectors for large venues, museums, auditoriums and intensive mapping environments. Ideally suited to 24/7 operation and 360° installations, the DU8195Z and the DK10000Z deliver strong laser performance and robust, maintenance-free durability to large venue applications. Installation flexibility and simplicity makes the projectors an ideal choice for system integrators.

Designed for large venue and museum applications, the DK10000Z offers exceptional picture clarity in 4K-UHD resolution and 10,000 ANSI lumens brightness. Compared to traditional – and large – 3-chip 4K projectors, the DK10000Z is a compact choice in this category, with a smaller footprint weighing only 29kg. This is thanks to it utilising Texas Instruments’ single chip 4K-UHD XPR technology. This delivers a stunning 8.3 million pixels and perfect alignment using a single chip DLP system.

The DU8195Z offers an equally compelling mix of features and connectivity, with exceptional picture clarity in WUXGA and a strong visual performance, delivering 13,500 ANSI lumens brightness. Both the DU8195Z and the DK10000Z utilise a long lasting laser light source to ensure a constant brightness level and colour performance, with the reassurance of up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.

These new projectors benefit from an air and dust tight, fully-sealed optical engine with a level equivalent to IP60 Ingress Protection. This keeps the projectors’ operation very stable, which ensures low user intervention. It also offers complete protection against dust particle contact, which improves light efficiency.

Furthermore, Delta’s advance thermal management technology also delivers precise temperature and thermal load control, using liquid cooling to optimise the total performance. Additionally, the active thermoelectric cooling Peltier elements have been engineered to ensure consistent performance form these very high brightness laser projectors. Keeping a stable temperature is vital to ensure the durability and performance of laser projectors. Traditional cooling methods – like a combination of a heat sink and forced airflow – can sometimes struggle to satisfy the very high cooling demands of 10,000-plus lumen laser projectors.

Vivitek has also applied considerable thought into installation flexibility and simplicity. Comprehensive features – including a wide choice of lenses, 3G-SDI, HDBaseT and 360° free tilting angle – make these projectors the ideal choice for system integrators.

Holger Graeff, general manager, Vivitek EMEA, commented: “Vivitek has a fantastic legacy in large venue applications, where it has earned a reputation for high performance solutions that can be depended on 24/7. The DU8195Z and the DK10000Z are set to build on this reputation thanks to their high brightness and exceptional features, which have been designed with heavy-duty operation in mind. These latest laser projectors combine power, performance and durability, making them an excellent solution for any application where compromise isn’t an option.”