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Nomad gallery curates 360° Gustav Klimt exhibition

The Nomad Art Multimedia gallery in Spain has opened a new exhibition featuring all of the incredible artwork by renowned painter Gustav Klimt. It was imperative that the exhibition provided a 360°, immersive experience where visitors could sit and engage with all the artwork. Therefore, portable, easy to install projectors were required for the job.

In addition to this, the artwork by Klimt is powerful, punchy and bright meaning the projectors selected needed to step up to the job and complement these requirements. Optoma were able to meet all of the desired requirements with 37 ZU606TSTe and 12 ZU506Te high brightness professional laser projectors.

The ZU606TSTe is the smallest projector in its class, fitting discreetly in the ceiling space. At 6,300 lumens with 4K and HDR compatibility, the ZU606TSTe is a low maintenance projector with long-life laser technology. This projector produces a clean bright image meaning the art work of Klimt could be accurately presented.

The ZU506Te was selected alongside the ZU606TSTe projector due to its ability to produce professional life like colours and it’s small, lightweight chassis. As well as this, the projector boasts 4K and HDR capabilities with long-life laser technology at 5,500 lumens.

Both projectors are able to project images over a 360° range along the projector’s horizontal axes and are easy to install. As well as this, they both assure superior contrast ratio, adding more depth and meaning into the images displayed. The whites appear brighter and the blacks appear crisp and sharp. Additionally, both projectors come with four corner adjustment which fits this installation requirements perfectly as it is possible to warp each corner of the image to create a perfectly square final image.

José Luis Palma, technical manager at Nomad Art commented: “The level of the attention and the support from Optoma has been excellent and the operation of the devices has gone above and beyond our expectations for the needs of the project. We are very pleased with the final outcome.”

Guests at the Klimt exhibition can sit down while being immersed in a truly spectacular 360° artwork experience. All imagery is true to life because of the capabilities of the bright, WUXGA laser Optoma projectors, making the entire experience even more special.