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Christie HS Series projectors light up The Masked Singer Vietnam stage

Four D20WU-HS 1DLP lasers were double-stacked, fitted on a truss, cross-installed and projected – with a throw distance of 24 metres – onto two huge face-like structures eitehr side of the stage

Christie HS Series 1DLP laser projectors are lighting up the grand stage of reality music and costume art show The Masked Singer Vietnam with visuals designed to complement the performances and costumes of vocalists whose identities are concealed.

The circular stage of The Masked Singer Vietnam is flanked by two huge face-like structures that have become synonymous with the show, serving as tunnel entries for the contestants from backstage. They are lit by four Christie D20WU-HS laser projectors installed and commissioned by Christie’s partner Alta Media, which specialises in systems integration, digital content and show entertainment technology.

“The gigantic faces of The Masked Singer Vietnam are the show’s biggest scenic elements onstage and we needed to ensure that both live and TV audiences are able to appreciate the eye-catching visuals projected onto the polygonal surfaces of these iconic structures,” said Tai Hoang, co-founder & CEO, Alta Media. “Having used the Christie D20WU-HS on several occasions including the Dam Sen Park lake show, we decided that it is the perfect projection system for this project due to its high brightness, accurate colour reproduction, compact footprint, quiet operation, and omnidirectional capabilities.”

Hoang noted that the four D20WU-HS projectors are double-stacked, fitted on a truss and cross-installed with a throw distance of 24 metres. “This specific configuration enables us to achieve optimal visuals on both face-like structures each measuring five metres high,” he said. “The projected contents comprising an array of dynamic visual effects are then altered according to the visual script that matches the performance of each vocalist.”

Jason Yeo, senior sales manager for Southeast Asia, Enterprise, Christie, added: “The Masked Singer Vietnam is highly entertaining reality singing TV series that has enthralled audiences and we are thrilled that the D20WU-HS laser projectors have been used to deliver fascinating visuals on the iconic faces onstage to heighten the audience experience. Alta Media has accomplished an amazing job and we look forward to more exciting applications involving our projection and integrated solutions for television and entertainment industries in Vietnam.”

Ranging in brightness levels from 7,000-20,600 lumens and resolutions including WUXGA, HD and 4K UHD, Christie HS Series offers a powerful, reliable and cost-effective option for almost any high-use application. Setting benchmarks in brightness, colour accuracy, power requirements, and form factor, the HS Series pushes the envelope of what’s possible with 1DLP technology.

Colours look “natural and true-to-life “thanks to Christie BoldColor Technology while the onboard Christie Twist warping and blending software and optional Christie Mystique automated camera-based alignment tools are said to make light work of setup, alignment, recalibration and maintenance of multi-projector systems.