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VR Days festival to remain in Amsterdam, despite ISE move

ISE’s Mike Blackman has no intention of switching part-owned VR/AR event, insisting Amsterdam remains its best location

ISE has confirmed that Amsterdam will continue to host the annual VR Days Europe festival conference.

The festival event, which began in 2016, takes place across multiple locations in Amsterdam in October. It is designed to celebrate and showcase VR and AR content through exhibitors, keynotes, workshops and seminars.

ISE invested in the company in July 2017, providing it with various marketing, content and organisation support. This year during ISE, VR Days Europe produced/hosted a day event , specifically targeted at ISE’s exhibitors and attendees.

With ISE announcing it’s to move its annual event away from the city in 2021 to Barcelona, there had been some speculation about a possible switch for VR Days also – speculation immediately shot-down by ISE’s MD Mike Blackman.

“As you know, we purchased an interest in the VR Days an exhibition for virtual and mixed reality. We plan to keep that event in Amsterdam, we see potential for growth and will certainly be investing in supporting it.”

He added: “Amsterdam has looked after us as a city and you never know, if there are other events we find would be more suitable to be run in Amsterdam, we will look at it.”